Data Repositories Terms and Conditions

Last updated on 3 June 2021

What is a data repository?

A data repository is a separate cloud database – not hosted in the Azure Elastic pool – which contains a selected subset of the surveys in the Reporting database (hosted in an Azure Elastic pool for SQL databases). The data in the repository are synced with those of the Reporting database at scheduled intervals.

This is a paid service, not included in your current Nfield subscription. Prices are explained in detail in the appropriate section below.

By accepting these terms, you agree to purchase the services herein specified.

How it works?

Once a repository has been created, NIPO will provide you with account details to access the repository database. All Nfield data will be present in a set of tables and stored procedures. As a user, you will have “read” access to this data. NIPO allows the user full access to a separate schema in this database.

As long as the repository is not deleted, and the monthly fee is payed for, any data written to this schema will remain available to you.

NIPO shall not be responsible for the content and integrity of this data. In some cases, we reserve the right to access and/or delete content provided by you.

Managing a data repository

When you have created a repository, you can select and unselect surveys to be added to or deleted from it. Please note that deleting a survey from Nfield does not automatically delete it from your repository. Depending on your requirements, we offer several performance plans that set your available resources, both in DTU’s (a combination of memory and CPU power) and storage. You can see in the manager what plan offers what resources.


The price for data repositories has two components.

First, there is a monthly fee that is driven by the selected performance plan. The highest selected plan in a month dictates the fee for that month. So even when you downgrade, for the remainder of the month you will pay the fee for the higher plan.

For the avoidance of doubts, the billing for this service applies to any usage on a monthly basis. This means that even in case the service is used only for one day in the course of one month, the monthly fee still applies entirely. 

If the fees are not paid, the syncing of your data will be stopped and the access to the repositories will be revoked. After 30 days, from the moment this restriction is applied, NIPO will permanently delete all the data in the repository.


This agreement shall come into effect on the date the terms are accepted and shall continue for as long as the repository is not deleted, or the agreement is not otherwise terminated by written notice to


NIPO as a company abides by GDPR and other privacy protection laws. Nfield repositories follow all Nfield policies and processes for privacy and data protection. Any data removed from Nfield in execution of a request to be forgotten will also remove the data from any data repository this data is present in.

For additional information about privacy and data protection please refer to our Nfield Terms, or write at the email address specified in the paragraph above.


Repositories are hosted with Microsoft Azure SQL databases. Depending on the plan, this offers a limited amount of performance. NIPO is not responsible that this performance is suitable for your needs, nor will it offer any consultancy or assistance in optimizing your solution. We will not have any responsibility for disturbances within the Microsoft services.