Open survey solutions for market research professionals

Discover the flexibility and security of our SaaS platform for Online and CAPI surveys, and our ever-popular CATI solution.

Robust, responsive, scalable and compliant, around the world

Our Nfield platform accommodates every eventuality, without missing a beat.

Leveraging the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud environment, Nfield scales automatically as necessary to provide the right capacity for every size of project. And, thanks to strategically positioned servers across Europe, Asia Pacific, China and America, offers the fastest possible response times for researchers and respondents alike.

Nfield supports international compliance by enabling data to be stored on servers located where local law prescribes.

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Open architecture

Our Nfield solution comes with APIs that enable seamless integration with other market research tools.

Whatever you utilize to produce your insights – from business intelligence solutions to panel providers – these APIs provide a continuous data pipeline that streamlines your workflow. This helps you deliver faster results, without having to change your existing research process or preferred applications.

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Fully secure, around the clock

End-to-end encrypted and ISO 27001:2013 certified, our solution is independently audited every year to ensure there are no weak links in our tools, processes or people.

24/7 Ops monitoring for both availability and security means we never take our eyes off the ball. And our always up-to-date software is geo-replicated and backed up for disaster recovery.

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