NIPO’s Online, CAPI and CATI survey solutions are supported by a host of free and paid-for services that help you get the most from them.

Bureau services

Need a helping hand to get started using NIPO solutions, master specific skills, or perform custom design work? We’ve got it covered.

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Want to become certified in knowledge of Nfield Online, Nfield CAPI or ODIN scripting? Take our free self-learning courses.

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NIPO Academy webinars

The NIPO Academy periodically presents webinars on a wide variety of topics related to using our market research survey solutions.

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Software and documentation

All software and documentation for NIPO products is available to download. Simply submit a request and we’ll send everything that’s relevant to the products your company has licensed, including the latest releases.

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Useful tools

NIPO users often create their own tools for getting even more out of our market research software, and share these for free. Please note: while NIPO has checked these community-created tools to ensure they do not contain any malicious code, we do not provide any support for them.

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Get a first impression, scheduled soon.

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