5 tips to help your CAPI projects run smoothly

26 January 2017

Face-to-face interviewing is a complex process comprising interviewers, mobile devices and software. A multitude of elements within this process can make a project prone to mistakes, leading to a delay in the delivery or even data loss. Outlined below are our essential tips for some of the most common problems associated with face-to-face interviewing to help you ensure a smooth execution of all CAPI projects.

1. Select the right device

The Nfield CAPI app runs on all Android tablets and smartphones, though not every device will serve you accordingly. We recommend that you run through a checklist mapping the factors that come into play when selecting the right CAPI device.

2. Embrace the issue of security

Security of your data is an absolute priority to us. Rest assured that we do our utmost to keep your data safe, however you also have a crucial role to play in data security by following a few simple rules:

3. Prevent possible trouble in your fieldwork…

… by informing your interviewers thoroughly about how to use the Nfield app. 

4. Monitor updates

There are two types of software updates that you need to be aware of:

  1. Nfield CAPI app updates
  2. Android operating system updates

Nfield CAPI app updates (NIPO)

The Nfield CAPI app is managed by NIPO, and any updates are designed solely to augment the features of the app. Every release automatically updates the backend of Nfield CAPI but requires the manual intervention of the interviewer to take effect on the device.


Please ensure your interviewers allow automatic updates of the Nfield CAPI app so that they are working with the latest version which supports data security and provides the most-up-to-date features to them.  To allow automatic updates, ask your interviewers to open the Play Store app and set the Nfield CAPI app setting to “Allow automatic updating.” Our Support Team will always send you detailed information via email about any app updates the day before the new version is released, so please do look out for these.

Android operating system updates (Google)
All Android operating system updates are managed by a third party – Google. These updates impact the software that the whole device runs on; they are not primarily calibrated to Nfield CAPI functionality.

The Android operating system update usually starts by a window which automatically opens on the screen asking for permission to update the operating system.  The interviewer will need to consent to this before any updates can take place. In other words, the update doesn’t happen automatically.

Whilst we thoroughly test all major updates of the Android operating system to examine whether Nfield CAPI features have not been affected, due to the diversity of mobile devices available and the number of versions of the Android operating being used at any one time, it makes in-depth testing on a large scale impossible.


Only update the operating system on a few devices first to ensure everything still works as it should before you push out an extensive update across all of your devices. Inform your interviewers that they shouldn’t update the device without your consent to prevent unwelcome disruptions of the fieldwork. By acquiring the aforementioned Mobil Device Management (MDM) service, you can even manage and schedule software updates for all devices yourself. And most importantly, our Support Team is always on hand to help you.

5. Consider training options

Experienced researchers and fieldwork executives dive into Nfield CAPI without any hurdles. The same applies to scripters who are already familiar with the ODIN language. For those users who require full scale onboarding, we offer introductory and tailored training.

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