Connect your Nfield Online interview to any data source!

22 June 2018

You can now connect and query an external source during an online interview in Nfield. A much sought-after feature by many of our customers. Forget about complex list and algorithm management in the script. Instead connect to a web service to consult up-to-date lists of e.g. car brands or postal codes and apply these in the Nfield interview.

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Check our demo survey that highlights this new and powerful feature in action.
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Because the amount of data sources / APIs / systems that you may wish to query is endless, we have implemented a standard way to pass parameters, consume responses and a configure secure HTTPS endpoints. This way you get predictable performance at maximum flexibility.

HTTPS endpoints can be configured for the whole domain. The configuration is as simple as adding a URL and one or more named headers and values. These headers can be used for example to pass along an API key or a JWT token. Nfield does not attach any meaning to the configured headers; it simply sends them. As an extra measure of security domain administrators can see which headers are configured, but the value will be masked once entered and saved.

Because we have standardized the interface, you may need to develop bridging applications between the source you try to connect and Nfield. In calling an API you can pass your own parameters and values. The result format however is strictly defined. The JSON output from your web service or API to Nfield must be data: {xxxxx}. Nfield cannot process anything else (e.g. result: {xxxxx} or location: {xxxx}). In this case you either must find another API that does provide date output in the required format or -more likely- create a bridging layer that re-formats the data output. The NIPO Support team is available to explain how to do this.

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Get a first impression, scheduled soon.

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