Crossing new boundaries in market research: Nfield’s API powers groundbreaking study in Morocco

4 December 2023

NIPO recently had the pleasure of seeing one of our affiliates recognized by PAMRO (The Pan African Media Research Organization) for a groundbreaking project made possible by Nfield’s API.

Integrate, which is a data and evidence-based agency operating out of Morocco, was awarded the runner’s-up prize at PAMRO’s 2023 annual conference for “A Non-invasive Methodology for Tracking Digital Behavior in Morocco”. This pioneering initiative was designed to delve into Moroccans’ digital behaviors and attitudes, to shed light on their digital interactions and experiences. It was the first survey of the Moroccan population focused on gaining insights into their digital moments, with the aim of gathering valuable data for both marketers and researchers.

Nfield and its API were instrumental in enabling this research to be carried out, and we are delighted to share the details of how these made a difference.

Benefits and challenges of non-invasive market research

Integrate pursued a non-invasive methodology to overcome privacy concerns which often deter respondents from granting permissions, thereby limiting the tracking scope. It was a decision designed to enhance the level of participation.

Compared to other approaches that use real-time monitoring via in-moment tracking tools, such as web analytics, cookies, and software installed on users’ devices, non-invasive market research relies on self-reported data. This presents two challenges: 

The solution: a job scheduler powered by Nfield’s API

Because non-invasive market research can’t use online activity to trigger surveys, Integrate needed another way to collect data in a timely fashion from trustworthy respondents. Their solution was to prompt respondents, selected from a pre-vetted panel, into voluntarily providing information through time-restricted SMS invitations. To encourage participation, rewards were offered for in-time survey completion.

To carry out these procedures, Integrate implemented a set of strategic rules executed by a job scheduler, while the Nfield API enabled tasks to take place automatically. As a result, Integrate was able to track digital behavior, brand exposure, meal occasions, and other relevant time-related activities without human intervention, while solving the challenges described above. 

 PurposeRulesHow Nfield’s API helps
Job SchedulerReal-time engagement: Obtain the most accurate responses possible.Participants are contacted via SMS, as close as possible to the moment of their experience.  Seamlessly uploads respondent sample group data from a panel database and creates unique survey links for sending via SMS.
Time-sensitive queries: Minimize risk of memory bias.Each survey is exclusively focused on events that took place within the last hour. This is assured by invalidating survey links one hour after sending.  Automatically quality-checks submissions (according to Integrate’s custom algorithm) one hour after links have been sent, and invalidates unique survey links for any interviews not completed within that timeframe.
Motivate respondents: Encourage higher response rates, to acquire more valuable data.Participants are rewarded for completing surveys.  Triggers the process for sending rewards to respondents who completed surveys within the timeframe, to the desired quality.

In addition to feeding the job scheduler, the Nfield API also helps to minimize memory bias by transferring information from the panel database into Nfield, where it is used to customize how questions are presented to each respondent. This helps jog respondents’ memories in a way which is already known to be relevant.

Nfield’s ability to incorporate visual aids, in the form of pictograms, in the survey design means this knowledge can be presented in a way that makes it even easier for respondents to recognize, and accurately recollect their digital interactions and experiences.

Valuable insights, without invading privacy

Integrate’s study revealed diverse digital segments with associated demographic details, attitudes, key online activities, expenditure, and preferred applications, without resorting to digital surveillance that would discourage respondent participation. The data they gathered is invaluable for businesses seeking to target distinct digital consumer groups in Morocco.

This non-invasive methodology can be extended as required to study other aspects such as brand exposure, moments of consumption, and time and activity diaries. Thanks to Nfield’s API making it easy to carry out, market researchers have another feasible option for reaching diverse target groups.

If you’d like to know more about this particular case, please contact at Integrate.

Share your Nfield success stories

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