Data Repository feature delivers real-time survey insights

2 September 2021

More and more customers have been asking for real-time insights while a survey is still in progress. And now, Nfield is able to deliver these via our new Data Repository feature, which provides a continuous data delivery pipeline straight into your dashboard.

The need for speed

Today’s fast-paced world calls for ever-faster reporting. Nfield Online’s powerful interviewing capability enables a tremendous amount of data to be collected in a short time-frame, without hardware or network limitations. For many customers, the ability to quickly capitalize on this data is also very important.

A good example could be in media production, where survey data can be used to inform outlets of current audience interests. Let’s say, skateboarding suddenly becomes a hot topic at the Olympic Games. The content producer can choose to use this information to switch focus and retain audience attention.

With the Nfield Data Repository feature, insights can be attained immediately, without expensive setup and dependency on IT teams.

Transition from traditional data processing to Continuous Data Pipeline

Transferring Nfield interview data into insights in customers’ own dashboards is a complex task. Traditionally, the ETL (extract, transform and load) process requires involvement from data processing and IT teams, either during initial setup or each time the process is run, which is a time-consuming overhead.

Now, with the Nfield Data Repository, data from completed interviews is extracted every 10 minutes and directly fed into an engine which converts it into a database format, from where your dashboard / reporting tool can instantly retrieve it.

Get started with scalable pricing

To make the fast, high-performance engine that keeps the data pipeline flowing affordable to all customers, we offer a scalable pricing system based on usage.

You’ll find the new “REPOSITORIES” section toggled within the Nfield Manager interface. To enable it, please contact your Nfield account manager.

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Get a first impression, scheduled soon.

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