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27 May 2020

Nfield survey solutions can be customized to a very high degree. So much so, that it would be impossible to present the enormous array of varieties via a universal dashboard. Full customization of questioning and appearance can still be achieved through scripting and theming. Because we realize many of our customers don’t have (enough of) the necessary expertise to do this in-house, NIPO has teamed up with DataExpert to offer advanced personalization of Nfield survey questionnaires.

DataExpert range of services for NIPO users

Hello. We are DataExpert. We’re here to help you get the most out of Nfield.

Here at DataExpert, our team will be delighted to support your use of Nfield through every aspect of its function, all the way from survey programming to data visualization. Our deep understanding of NIPO solutions and expertise in the ODIN programming language, combined with our success-oriented mindset, ensures our work is always focused on bringing you the results you need.

We’re highly experienced in optimization and automatization of complete projects, and are also happy to coach you through making internal project processes more efficient. We can also provide advice on the relevant tools.

Your convenient all-in solution

DataExpert provides a wide range of services, giving you the convenience and efficiency of getting all your Nfield customization done in one place.

DataExpert can support you in:

Survey programming and hosting

DataExpert can host and manage your Nfield surveys, ensuring your individual processes are aligned with our quality control standards, so you get the best outcome in the most efficient way. Turnaround can often be completed in as little as 2 days.

Data Processing

DataExpert can solve challenging data processing tasks, process market research datasets and make cross tables using all industry standard methods: weightings, computations, top2 and bottom2 boxes, nets, means, averages, etc.

In addition to traditional market research data processing and commonly used technologies, we are also specialists in languages such as R and Python. By combining these tools and techniques, we’re able to solve complex analytics tasks.

Data Visualization

We’ve got experienced visualization experts who are dedicated to clear presentation. We’ve got data processors who delight in generating report-friendly data. And we’ve got talented graphic designers who are bursting with creativity. Put these all together, and you’ve got the dream team for communicating complex data in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

DataExpert can provide:

•    Manual and automated PowerPoint reporting
•    Online dashboards in various powerful technologies
•    Standard and templated structures for quick reporting
•    Migration of existing projects to different tools
•    Mockups and final design elements for projects

Business Intelligence

Using various technologies and applications, we can perform data analysis and present actionable information which helps executives, managers and other corporate end users make informed business decisions. We’re fully equipped to convert raw data into meaningful insights with eye-catching reports and dashboards.

Custom IT development

Your custom survey designs will always be created with user-friendliness, survey performance, design, reproducibility and effectiveness firmly in mind. We can build comprehensive systems with back-end and front-end development as well as full user interface design and implementation. Here at DataExpert, we’re always up for new challenges and finding innovative ways to bring your ideas to life.

MR technology transition support

If you’ve decided you want to change the technology you use for data collection, processing or visualization, we’ll be your experienced and reliable project migration partner, taking good care of your content, form and user experience along the way.

Some examples of DataExpert’s work:


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Get a first impression, scheduled soon.

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