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Faultless ISO 27001-2013 audit for Nfield

28 May 2020

To confirm that NIPO’s Nfield platform continues to meet the ISO 27001-2013 standard, our offices are independently audited every year by SGS, a world leader in certification services. Following the latest inspection, which in 2020 scrutinised both our Amsterdam and Madrid offices, we are proud to report an outstanding result, with 0 non-conformities and 0 observations!

This is the 6th successive year Nfield has passed the ISO 27001-2013 audit without problems. Something that should be very reassuring to all Nfield users, who know they can continually rely on the platform to uphold the standards that they, themselves are committed to.

About Nfield


Nfield is NIPO’s professional platform for gaining insight through surveys. Nfield is a 100% true, native Cloud platform where security and compliance are given top priority. Nfield is available as a SaaS (software as a service) model, built on Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure, with four deployments in Europe, Asia Pacific, China and the Americas, with the option for local, in-country, data storage.  Nfield currently supports both Online and CAPI interview channels, with the addition of CATI scheduled for H1 2021. Nfield has strong end-to-end capabilities, with a full API in place to support automation. Nfield is used by the largest and most successful market research companies in the world.

Security factsheet


Click here to download the Nfield Online and CAPI security factsheet, that contains a copy of the current ISO 27001-2013 certificate.

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