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Five ways no-code automation can improve efficiency in MR operations: Nfield API + Microsoft Power Automate

8 March 2024

Why spend valuable time on routine tasks that can easily be automated? If you’re using Nfield for Online and CAPI surveys, you can reduce manual workload by hooking up with Microsoft Power Automate. Nfield’s API enables seamless integration with this user-friendly automation tool, without the need for any coding.

Integrating Microsoft Power Automate with Nfield can speed up your operations, reduce errors and omissions, and keep communications flowing, while freeing your people to focus on applying their expertise.  

Here are five examples of what Nfield and Microsoft Power Automate can achieve together.

1. Keeping clients informed with scheduled quota progress reports

Providing regular updates on project progress is good for client relationships, and demonstrates commitment to transparency and timely communication. But doing this takes time out of your day and can easily be forgotten.

With Microsoft Power Automate, you can schedule automated delivery of Nfield quota progress tables to clients, as often as you choose.

Watch our video demonstration of how to set up automated Quota Progress Reports using Microsoft Power Automate

2. Nurturing respondent relationships

Survey respondents are the lifeblood of market research, so keeping them onside is crucial. Simple things like sending thank you notes for completing surveys goes a long way to building loyalty.  

Microsoft Power Automate allows you to automate this. Reminding your respondents that their contribution is valued, and encouraging them to continue participating, without any members of your team having to disrupt their schedule.

3. Efficiently assigning addresses to interviewers

For CAPI surveys, assigning addresses to interviewers is an essential routine task. But it takes time that can be spent on other things.

Microsoft Power Automate can take care of this work by automatically assigning new addresses to each of your Nfield CAPI interviewers as required, ensuring fair distribution of workload and optimizing how each field worker is used.

4. Keeping your research team updated in real time

The faster your research team are informed, the faster they can get on with the next stage of their work.

Microsoft Power Automate can be hooked up with Nfield to notify them immediately when a survey quota target is met.

5. Ensuring survey data is immediately backed up

Everyone knows the importance of back-ups, which is why these should never be left to chance. 

Microsoft Power Automate can initiate backup processes the moment fieldwork is complete. Ensuring this crucial task doesn’t get forgotten, while lessening your team’s post-fieldwork workload, so they can focus their attention on analysis.

Integrating Nfield with Microsoft Power Automate, via the Nfield API, enables you to optimize your market research operations in many different ways. From enhancing various communications to automating routine tasks, this powerful combination allows you to focus on what matters most – extracting meaningful insights from your data.

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