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GDPR and Nfield Toolkit

16 May 2018

Trust is critical in market research, especially with regards to raw data. Your respondents trust you with all kinds of sensitive data about their lives, you need to be able to trust us to keep that data safe. That is why NIPO is committed to offering the most secure survey solutions for the professional market research industry. Our ISO 27001:2013 certification is strong and independent proof in how we are leading the area of data security.

Nfield includes features to assist you in your efforts to address GDPR controls. Such features include the ability to search cross surveys for respondents, to delete or pseudomize interviews and to anonymize data in surveys.

Our goal is simple: To provide functionality in nfield so our customers can address GDPR controls without having them compromise on data collection efficiency.

For this we created a booklet, we call it our Nfield GDPR toolkit, that highlights the Nfield features that can help you to address GDPR. A guide like this can never be 100% complete, so please feel free to reach out to your sales representative with any questions you might have around Nfield and its functionality.


Download your copy of the toolkit now:

Please note that this toolkit is not a replacement for legal advice. We recommend that, in case you have not done so yet, you seek legal advice on how GDPR applies specifically to your organization, and how best to ensure compliance.

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