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How to automate sending of quota progress reports: Nfield API + Microsoft Power Automate, no coding required

8 March 2024

Automation of routine tasks is a great way to improve efficiency in any line of work. For market research companies conducting Nfield Online and CAPI surveys, this is easily achieved through integration with codeless tools such as Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier.

The beauty of no-code automation tools is they don’t require specialist expertise to set them up. All that’s necessary is an amount of familiarization with the tool and how it integrates with Nfield Manager via Nfield’s API. For the purpose of this demonstration, we’re showing how sending reports to clients can be automated using Microsoft Power Automate. This task is one of the Five ways no-code automation can improve efficiency in market research operations

Essential preparation

Here’s what’s necessary for integrating Microsoft Power Automate with Nfield:

Your regionNfield API Manual
Asia Pacific

A practical example: automated sending of quota progress reports

Our video follows every step of the process of setting up automated sending of quota progress reports from Nfield Manager using Microsoft Power Automate:

1. Log in to Power Automate (0:00 to 0:25)

2. Create a new flow with a schedule trigger* (0:25 to 1:05)

3. Create an HTTP connection for Nfield API authentication (1:05 to 2:54)

4. Extract and store authentication token (2:54 to 4:09)

5. Create another HTTP connection to retrieve the quota table (4:09 to 7:11)

6. Send an email with the quota table (7:11 to 8:12)

*In this example, reports are being scheduled to go out daily at 9am.

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