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Local data storage compliance, around the world

12 June 2019

Different countries and industries often have their own specific regulations when it comes to data storage. To comply with this, market research companies need to give careful consideration to where their respondent data is stored.

For example, countries such as Russia and Singapore and industries such as finance and healthcare require personal and research data to remain within the country, sometimes even within local premises.

It’s therefore no surprise that data storage location is the primary concern for 53% of IT decision makers when it comes to cloud adoption, according to IDG’s 2016 Cloud Computing Survey.

To satisfy the need for compliant survey data storage, we have been working with Microsoft and other parties to develop a suitable solution for users of Nfield Online and CAPI.

Achieving compliant local data storage

Nfield Online and CAPI surveys are already deployed from four different Microsoft Azure cloud environments – Hong Kong SAR (serving Asia Pacific, except the Chinese mainland), Amsterdam (serving Europe and Africa), Virginia (serving the Americas) and Beijing (serving the Chinese mainland) – to facilitate speedy operation.

Before local data storage
Normal field setup. In this overview we have 3 customers all storing their data of different domains on the Nfield cloud server.

To enable data storage compliance alongside this, we have developed the ability to separate survey deployment from storage of respondent data. This means it is now possible, for example, to deploy a survey from the Hong Kong SAR Microsoft Data Center and store the respondent data in the Singapore Microsoft Data Center.

This locally compliant data storage is being achieved through utilizing the Azure cloud Infrastructure and, where this is challenging, setting up local facilities.

Whatever requirements Nfield Online and CAPI users have, we can quickly configure a suitable solution which strikes a balance between a whole raft of considerations, including security, investment, ease of maintenance and system monitoring, ISO 27001:2013 compliance, speed of delivery, customer preference and potential for growth.

Nfield local data storage applies to the following information:

Questionnaires and associated media files used during interviews remain stored within the survey engine in one Nfield’s four deployments.

With local data storage
Nfield setup when the survey engine and respondent data are separated.

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