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Nfield sets new activity record, with 104,758 interview completes in 24 hours

25 May 2021

Nfield surpassed a significant milestone on 20 May 2021, smashing through the 100K completed interviews per 24 hours barrier. More importantly, the Nfield platform handled the 104,758 successful completes without showing the slightest level of stress.

The record completion rate was comprised of 86,949 Online surveys and 17,809 CAPI surveys. Of these, 49K were performed on the APAC server, an incredibly high figure which was driven by a single survey in Japan which produced 37,226 completes.

Assisted by isolation

This Japanese survey is, itself, significant for the fact that it ran as an isolated survey using dedicated Azure resources (containers). Using this solution means that the load it generated did not have any impact on other domains and/or surveys. The ability to run isolated interviewing is facilitated via Nfield’s Function app, which has been made possible following intensive collaboration between our team and Microsoft architects. The Function app itself was hit more than 2 million times in 24 hours in relation to this Japanese survey.

But not an isolated event

Having confirmed Nfield’s ability to comfortably handle this level of traffic, we are looking forward to it becoming a daily norm. It’s good to know that isolation can be a very positive thing! 😊

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Fully compliant practices and ISO 27001:2013 certification for our Nfield data collection solution means you can rest assured when it comes to data security. Nfield is a scalable solution with an open architecture that allows you to perform simple to complex surveys with stunning design. Nfield is the cloud survey solution for market research professionals.

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