Online market research surveys: Is it time to upgrade your solution?

23 May 2019

In an age where off-the-shelf online survey (CAWI) solutions mean, in theory, that any company can conduct online market research in-house, professional market research companies have to offer a notably superior service in order to win business.

The specific knowledge and expertise possessed by dedicated market research professionals is, of course, a primary sales point. But making the most of that expertise calls for the right technical online questionnaire tools. It means working with an online survey platform which aids every aspect of the market researcher’s craft, from device-aware survey design to fast response processing, while making optimal use of online technology.

Professional online survey necessities

There are a number of basics that every professional online market research survey solution should provide. Here at NIPO, however, we don’t settle for the basics. Having spent over 20 years working closely alongside market research organizations to establish the industry’s needs and explore its desires and possibilities, this is how we deliver Nfield Online Market Research Surveys.

Investing in a new solution. Is it worth it?

Switching to a new, unfamiliar survey solution may feel daunting, but the rewards are well worth the investment. In the same way as we are acutely aware of market researchers’ needs, here at NIPO we appreciate the challenges that upgrading to a new solution might present.

For a start, you’ll want to see how Nfield Online performs for your specific needs, so you can tangibly evaluate its benefits over your current solution. No problem. We can work with you to set up custom demonstration projects.

You’re probably also wondering how your people are going to learn the new skillsets and ways of working they’ll need to take advantage of Nfield Online’s numerous capabilities. We’ve thought of that too. We can arrange all the training that’s necessary to get everybody up to speed, including when new people come on board, and even provide scripting services (via our partner DataExpert) if that’s not one of your in-house skills.

Whatever your question might be, we’ll be happy to answer. So you can take your first steps to having a more user and respondent-friendly, secure, scalable and versatile solution that means you can always say “yes!” to even the most challenging of customer requests.

Get a first impression, scheduled soon.

Get a first impression, scheduled soon.

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