ReDem AI – Nfield integration: faster, more accurate quality control for market research data

19 October 2023

Quality data is the very bedrock of worthwhile market research. Survey results that are skewed through inappropriate responses are helpful to no-one. And the insights derived from these could potentially do more harm than good if used as a basis for strategy.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new tool to the Nfield armory:  ReDem® AI-powered quality control for survey responses. ReDem AI automatically scans every survey answer for integrity, identifying and disqualifying those which are likely to be invalid due to respondent laziness or deliberate falsification. Our team has worked together with ReDem to integrate their service with Nfield, so you can hook up their capabilities directly with your Nfield surveys.

This is in addition to Nfield’s manual facility for identifying and disqualifying responses which show evidence of being falsified, as described in Upholding Survey Quality: How to Remove ‘Bad’ Interviews from Results.

Information Information

ReDem is a leading research technology company specializing in AI-based SaaS solutions for survey data quality assurance. ReDem aims to improve quality control in the insights industry by bringing better efficiency and standardization to data cleaning.

The Power of ReDem AI

ReDem uses artificial intelligence to check data quality, doing everything you can do through Nfield’s manual facility, but in a fraction of the time. And without the risk of human error that increases as concentration gets lost.

Learn more about ReDem-Score – The quality checks performed by ReDem and AI-powered quality checks for open-ended responses.

Figure 1: Example of Quality Category

Automated disqualification process

ReDem AI swiftly identifies any survey responses that fall below user-specified benchmarks, and flags them as rejected within Nfield. It also marks good quality interviews as approved. This proactive approach guarantees your results only contain high-quality data, which safeguards the integrity of derived insights.

Figure 2: Quality Score Dashboard

Find out how to use ReDem with Nfield – See our webinar!

Want to see exactly what the Nfield-ReDem integration can do for your surveys? We organized a webinar in 2 sessions on 30 and 31 October 2023. See the session video below.

NIPO and ReDem are proudly working together to shape the future of market research by ensuring top quality data that’s suitable for deriving genuine insights. Join us on this journey transforming how we understand the world through data.

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Get a first impression, scheduled soon.

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