Sampling points with both quota and address

7 July 2022

As Market Research requirements continue to evolve, we’ve recognized a need for sampling points which also incorporate addresses.

Quota sampling and address-based sampling are commonplace. Up till now, it has been a choice of one or the other. However, it would be beneficial to combine the two, for both practical and financial reasons.

Follow up: We’ve often heard about market researchers who’ve needed to follow up on incomplete visits (e.g. busy respondent) to complete a sample quota.

Avoid over-shoot: In address-based sampling, fieldwork projects can be made more cost-efficient by stopping interviewing when enough addresses have been completed.

When do you need to combine quota and address sampling?

You should choose to set up this survey type in Nfield if your project has the following characteristics

Benefits Benefits
  • Reduced overshoot saves costs on interviewing and rewards.
  • Clear overview of quota status per project, per sampling point and per interviewer.
  • Easily update/add addresses to interviewers to assign them where to go.
  • Allow follow-up appointments to maximize completion rate.


Setting up a combined quota-address survey in Nfield is similar to setting them up separately. 

Before you start, we recommend watching NIPO Academy 37 to learn how to set up a CAPI survey with sampling point with/without quota. You can also refer to our blog post Embedding Sampling Points in Quota Target surveys for deeper and more balanced insights. Then, you just need to add the addresses.

Setting up this survey type is easy.

If you have any questions or comments about setting up and using CAPI surveys with Sampling Points with addresses and quotas in Nfield Manager, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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