The new, improved Nfield CAPI app, designed with you!

4 June 2021

The Nfield CAPI app, used by interviewers to conduct surveys, has recently undergone an extensive makeover to make it more intuitive and, with that, faster to work with. This has resulted in a new version (2.11) which users are now invited to switch to.

To switch to version 2.11, go to the diagnostics tab in the Nfield CAPI app’s settings. For now, these settings allow you to switch between the old and new versions as you prefer. Over time, the old version will be phased out.

What’s changed

Instantly identified by its teal coloring (instead of blue), the new version Nfield CAPI app has been completely redesigned in terms of navigation and how the various screens look and work. From the very start, you’ll see how all the high-level information is shown together on one screen, with the ability to expand any section in one tap. Users thereby have instant access to latest status details without going to a different screen, so can quickly switch between various functional elements.

This simplified navigation provides the shortest path to starting an interview. Throughout the course of a day’s work, interviewers spend less time navigating around the app and enjoy faster access to what they need to know and do. With fewer distractions, work is easier to focus on.

The thinking behind the update

The person behind our new version Nfield CAPI app is our UX (user experience) designer, Deniz. Having worked at NIPO for more than 12 years, including time on our helpdesk, Deniz has a deep understanding of what Nfield CAPI users need. In his UX work, he uses various tools and techniques to generate insights into user behaviors. Putting these two things together, combined with the fact that user interaction technology has evolved a long way since Nfield was first launched in 2013, Deniz realized it was high time to give the Nfield CAPI app a major overhaul. The result is our customers and their interviewers all get to benefit from a more streamlined way of working.

Standardized familiarity

The Nfield CAPI app’s new look is based on the Material ( interface guideline that standardizes how elements in a screen should be designed for intuitive interaction. This determines the look and behavior of navigation bars and how cards are used.

Following standardized principles is advantageous because users more quickly feel comfortable with using an app that’s new to them, due to already being familiar with the process via other apps. In psychology, this is known as the Mere-Exposure Effect. So we have a very solid reasoning for adopting design standardization!

Below are the components used in building the new Nfield CAPI app. All of which should be familiar to everyone used to using apps.

No time to waste

Market research interviewers often only work part-time or for short-term periods. The ability to quickly get up-to-speed on how to do the job is very important. Preconditioned familiarity for how to use their tools, in this case the Nfield CAPI app, is therefore very valuable. We believe it only takes two or three uses of the new Nfield CAPI app to feel fully comfortable with it. And, of course, because the new navigation is more streamlined, work can be done more quickly too.

What do you think?

The new version Nfield CAPI app is all about making interviewers’ work easier and faster. Deniz will continue to update it as necessary to improve the user experience even more. The more feedback he gets from you, the better he can make it!

We therefore invite you to tell us what you think about the new version Nfield CAPI app. What do you like about it and what do you feel should be done differently? What new functionality would you like to have?

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