Top 5 tips for keeping your CAPI fieldwork device secure and performing well

22 May 2024

In market research, CAPI devices used for conducting surveys and collecting data are crucial to the fieldwork process. These devices, which are typically tablets powered by Android systems, are essential for enabling a smooth and efficient experience, while protecting valuable data.

Like every technical tool, CAPI devices need regular attention in terms of updates, data management and security checks to keep them performing as they should.

Here are our top-5 tips for optimizing the performance of your CAPI devices:

1. Keep your Android operating system updated

Regularly updating your Android operating system is vital for maintaining device security and performance. Android frequently releases updates, which often include important security patches and system optimizations. By ensuring you’re always running the latest software version, you can mitigate potential security vulnerabilities and ensure compatibility with applications – such as the Nfield CAPI app – as these, themselves, get updated.

2. Enable automatic updates for apps

Like every good app, the Nfield CAPI app periodically gets updated with new features, bug fixes, and security enhancements. To ensure you are always getting the best experience by using the latest version, we advise enabling automatic updates in your Google Play Store settings. This way, app updates are automatically downloaded and installed in the background without anybody having to remember to check and manually initiate the process. 

3. Utilize device management solutions to stay in control

Staying on top of your fieldwork operation calls for the ability to track CAPI device usage, troubleshoot issues, and maintain compliance with data security protocols. All this can be achieved by implementing a device management solution, such as Mobile Device Management (MDM) software, which provides centralized monitoring and control. MDM solutions enable administrators to remotely manage device settings, deploy applications, and enforce security policies.

4. Ensure every device is protected

CAPI device security is always essential, which is why we recommend implementing robust security measures such as device encryption, screen lock passcodes, and biometric authentication (e.g. fingerprint or facial recognition). It’s also a good idea to install reputable antivirus and security software to detect and mitigate potential threats such as malware or unauthorized access. For times when there is no secure Wi-Fi connection available, consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to preserve security by encrypting data transmission.

5. Conduct regular clean-ups to optimize device performance

Regularly doing a bit of a clean-up by clearing cache files, removing unnecessary apps, and managing device storage will go a long way to keeping your CAPI device operating well. These tasks can be conducted using built-in system maintenance tools and third-party optimization apps. The less clutter there is inside your CAPI devices, the better their performance will be.

A little proactive maintenance makes a big difference

These five top-tips for managing and maintaining security and performance on your CAPI devices are simple to implement, and will go a long way to keeping your fieldwork flowing smoothly. Optimally performing devices create a better user experience for fieldwork researchers and the people they interview, while enabling your market research company to get the most out of Nfield CAPI.

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