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Your Journey with Nfield from New User to Expert

14 November 2022

As a creator of truly purposeful survey solutions, we want every user to be able to get the best out of them. That means ensuring our customers fully understand what our products are capable of and how to utilize that capability to their own advantage. 

Because our Nfield survey platform offers such a wide range of features, specifically designed to meet professional market researchers’ needs, there is a great deal to know. We therefore take a step-by-step approach to educating every individual customer, so the right knowledge is gained at the right time and nobody ever feels overwhelmed.

The Nfield learning process starts while you’re still considering whether we’re right for you. If you decide to come on board with us, we’ll get you fully up-to-speed using your product and continue providing guidance and, if required, access to external support services, for as long as you are an Nfield user.

1. While you’re deciding if Nfield is right for you

A member of the NIPO Sales Team in your region will discuss your specific needs and determine whether, and how, Nfield can meet them. We want to forge successful long-term partnerships which means making sure you’ll be delighted with our service, so we start by carefully assessing whether we are right for each other. 

While doing this, we’ll talk you through the various features Nfield offers for conducting onlineface-to-face and (soon) telephone research, as necessary. We’ll point out the things you’ll need to consider, such as the possibility of needing additional training on some of our more advanced features or paid-for optional services (e.g. scripting, styling) delivered by an external partner. 

Of course you’ll be keen to see Nfield in action, so we are happy to oblige via a live demo. We’ll schedule an online session that demonstrates scenarios related to your own requirements. Upon request, we can record the session so you can then share it with others in your organization.

2. Getting you started

Once you’ve signed up to Nfield, the sales representative you dealt with will hand you over to a member of our support team, who’ll work with you to get you up and running. Because the NIPO sales and support teams are closely integrated, the information we’ve already shared will be readily available to every support team member. So you won’t have to explain yourself all over again and they will be fully prepared to set you up. 

We’ll start with a free 2-hour introductory training session, during which you’ll learn how to use the system and launch a survey, as well as other basics which are relevant to your specific needs. You’ll then be ready to start putting Nfield to work.

We’ll introduce you to our support website where you can access documentation, training and NIPO Academy videos, consult support cases and get useful tools.

3. Helpdesk support

You’ll have access to our Helpdesk support team who’ll be happy to help with any problem you might encounter. Our support policy is to respond within 24 hours, but in practice we usually address queries much sooner. Support is free and provided from 2 locations: Amsterdam and Mumbai.  In the event that your closest support center can’t respond fast enough, another center will handle the issue so you’re not kept waiting. There are no limitations to the number of support queries you can submit. If we feel the type of support requests indicate additional training is required, we’ll discuss this with you.

4. Ongoing Training

Via the NIPO Academy, we regularly present free webinars about new Nfield features, best practices and troubleshooting. You can see a recent session wherein we did the Nfield Online introduction training session.

5. Advanced Training

Once you’ve become comfortable with using Nfield, you might want to get trained in advanced skills such as scripting, effective fieldwork management, safeguarding email reputation and many more. ODIN scripting, which gives you the power to fully customize NIPO survey functionality, is a particularly popular course. A lot of Nfield users also like to bring us in to train their newcomers. Please note that Advanced Training and onboarding new personnel are paid-for services.

6. External Services

Because some of our customers prefer to focus on their core market research activities, rather than also getting involved with more technical matters, NIPO has teamed up with DataExpert to offer services for:

7. Become certified

Nfield users who have acquired sufficient knowledge to independently conduct research on the Nfield platform have the opportunity to get certified. NIPO provides a training and certification program with courses that teach you more about survey scripting, ODIN Developer capabilities, managing fieldwork and market research in general. More information.

Ensuring your success

Our onboarding process and follow-up support and services enable every customer to get the most out of Nfield. From feeling comfortable at the start to becoming an expert over time, with access to all the materials, information, tools and services you need to work in the most productive way.

If you’d like more information on how we can help you, please contact us at

See what Nfield can do for you, ask us for a live demo.

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Get a first impression, scheduled soon.

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