CATI basics in a nutshell

1 March 2017

Computer-assisted-telephone interviewing (CATI) guides the interviewer step-by-step through the questionnaire, dials telephone numbers according to a certain criteria set and analyzes processes in the background to enhance your cost and operations efficiency. Did you know that…

..CATI has been around for more than 40 years?

Until the 1970s telephone data collection relied on the use of paper questionnaires, which were administered by interviewers over the telephone. The data from the paper questionnaires then had to be manually edited, keyed, and processed before results could be distributed.
As computers advanced, becoming smaller and more powerful, the concept of utilizing them to conduct surveys was pursued. From simple solutions with basic options, CATI soon evolved into complex engines, and NIPO is proud to own one of the most proven and renowned CATI solutions on the market today.

​Choose a solution that suits you best

When selecting a software solution, there are two options for conducting your telephone research: on premise or cloud CATI solutions. NIPO offers both options so you can choose the one that suits you best.

​CATI features

Our CATI solutions power the largest telephone surveys in the world. Amongst market researchers, it’s wildly accepted as a reliable and robust telephone data collection platform. Our Sales Team are keen to work with you to understand your needs and assess what solution would work best for you.

The key features of our CATI are:

Even more, our CATI solutions offer advanced capabilities such as auto, progressive and predictive dialing to help you drive productivity.

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Get a first impression, scheduled soon.

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