Embedding Sampling Points in Quota Target surveys for deeper and more balanced insights

28 April 2021

Sampling Points enable researchers to obtain quota-proportioned responses across all individual settings within a CAPI survey. They can be embedded in Quota Target surveys to ensure consistent representation within every different location. As well as providing overall balance, the use of Sampling Points means fieldwork progress can be examined on a setting-by-setting basis.

How Sampling Points work

Sampling Points are the various locations where interviews are carried out within a CAPI survey. They might be exhibition halls, shopping malls, districts, cities, cinemas, hospitals, places of worship, etc. When Sampling Points are applied within a survey, every fieldwork location must be designated as or to a Sampling Point. There cannot be any non-designated interview locations.

Because different sampling points might be different sizes, with access to more or fewer respondents, each one requires its own Quota Target.

For example, a CAPI survey examining behavior of hotel guests would involve face-to-face interviews in variously-sized hotels. To ensure respondents from each key gender and age group segment are proportionately represented at each individual location, the Quota Targets are adjusted according to hotel size. The smaller the hotel, the smaller the quota targets, and vice versa. But the ratios per segment always stay the same. Larger hotels may thereby also call for more interviewers to be assigned.

Sampling Points in the Nfield Manager

Sampling Points are easy and intuitive to set up in the Nfield Manager. If you already have any CAPI Sampling Point with Quota surveys in CAPI Manager, you can easily migrate these to the Nfield manager for an improved experience, with just one click.

Sampling Points can be set up in the Nfield Manager either by manual entry or by uploading an excel sheet (complete with Quota Targets). These can also easily be individually updated as necessary.

Note that you have to calculate and enter the different Quota Targets for each Sampling Point. Nfield doesn’t have a facility for automatically adjusting these.

Sampling Points set up process in Nfield Manager

If you have any questions or comments about setting up and using CAPI surveys with Sampling Points in the Nfield Manager, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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