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Another milestone for NIPO with new Security Competency in Microsoft Partner Network status

14 September 2021

Having achieved gold status for the Application Integration competency for the Microsoft Partner Network at the end of last year, we are proud to share the news of NIPO’s success in achieving an additional Silver status for the much desired Security competency.

Microsoft competencies

The competencies Microsoft awards are a strong confirmation that these partners have demonstrated the highest, most consistent capability and commitment to the adoption and implementation of the latest Microsoft technology. Securing a competency is highly dependent on successful certification of technical staff, which implies a deep and continuous investment from both the organization and the individual software developers.

Our Nfield users can benefit directly from NIPOs status within the Microsoft Partner Network. Next to our annual ISO 27001-2013 (Information Security) certification, this is another proof of leading external recognition for the NIPO team and our Nfield platform. This information can be used in client pitches for those projects where Nfield, as Kantar’s destination platform, is used and where the customer would like to understand how, for example, security is addressed.

Securing the Silver status for the Security competency was one of our goals for 2021. Now the NIPO team will continue her efforts to upgrade the Security competency to Gold status.

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