Customer satisfaction surveys: Nfield brings you closer to impactful outcomes

23 May 2019

Customer Satisfaction Surveys, made immediately after purchase, account for 8% of all market research spending [1] and are the 4th most commonly conducted type of survey in the market research industry.

Much more than a way of keeping tabs on the customer experience, Customer Satisfaction Surveys are an invaluable tool in the quest for customer retention and loyalty, as well as an aid for capitalizing on happy customers’ positivity. Taking appropriate action on the results can have a very tangible impact on future sales. Especially when it is applied to customers at extreme ends of the spectrum:

Capturing and capitalizing on the moment

Acting fast
Obtaining insights into a customer’s purchasing experience, and feeding ‘urgent action cases’ back to customer service, needs to be done as quickly as possible after the purchase. Both for capturing the customer’s raw emotive feelings and to enable appropriate action to be taken within the most impactful timeframe.

Communication choice
Different customers prefer different methods of communication. Some are happy to respond online after contact via SMS / text or email. Others are more comfortable with speaking on the phone. And some prefer face-to-face interview.

In the case of negative experiences, such as payment disputes or complaints, which can become complex to resolve, customer preference is likely to sway more towards talking to a human on the phone (40%) or face-to-face interaction (23%) [4].

Nfield puts customer satisfaction first

Over 20 years of working closely alongside market research companies all over the world has given us deep insight into this industry’s complex needs. We’ve made it our business to turn this into solutions which truly help market research professionals do their jobs better and deliver more satisfying results.

When it comes to Customer Satisfaction Surveys, we’ve thought right through the process so everybody gets what they need.

Multi-channel flexibility
Availability of Nfield Online, Nfield CAPI, and CATI, with the ability to switch between them and synchronize results, means all respondent contact preferences can be met via a single integrated system.

Direct feedback
Any defined ‘trigger responses’ from the survey can automatically be forwarded to specified individuals on the end-client side. This automation means action-requiring alerts go immediately and directly to those who need to know.

External integration
Nfield solutions can easily be integrated with external applications such as CRM systems for automatic loading of respondent profiles into surveys. And integration with social media enables fast, automated and holistic capture of customer feedback.

Appealing to use
The stunning, responsive, mobile first design provided via Nfield Online encourages respondents to complete surveys and voice their (dis)satisfaction more easily. After all, there is nothing more frustrating to an already frustrated customer than a satisfaction survey that’s an effort to navigate through, especially on a mobile device! With Nfield, that doesn’t have to happen.

Every requirement met

Nfield’s broad and highly customizable capabilities mean no demand, requirement or scenario is out of reach. No matter how niche, how large or how complex it may be. We are proud to bring you the future of Customer Satisfaction Surveys!

Feel free to contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.

[1] Global Market Research 2018 – An ESOMAR study
[2] American Express 2017 Customer Service Barometer
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[4] Live Chat Benchmark Report 2017
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