Employee satisfaction surveys: Superior Nfield capabilities leave clients more satisfied too!

24 May 2019

Understanding employee engagement is invaluable for improving a company’s productivity, quality and profitability. In recognition of this, many companies conduct annual Employee Satisfaction Surveys, the results of which can be used for anything from obtaining employee engagement scores to delving deep into underlying details for guiding future strategy.

However, because these important surveys are often outside of the realm of the marketing department, companies don’t always think of turning to professional market research companies to conduct them. Which means a big opportunity is often being missed.

The value of professional market research expertise

Employee Satisfaction Surveys carried out in-house, by a department without specialist market research capabilities, are likely to be very limited in terms of the level and quality of insights they produce. This is partly due to use of less complex, non-professional survey solutions and partly due to a lower level of knowledge and expertise when it comes to designing surveys and interpreting the results.

A dedicated external market research company using Nfield Online can deliver insights of far greater depth, quality and tangibility. This is achieved thanks to aspects such as:

Expand your offering

If you’re already using Nfield Online, you already have all you need to offer superior quality Employee Satisfaction Surveys alongside everything else you do.

If you haven’t yet discovered Nfield Online, here are a few of the powerful capabilities it offers, for every type of survey:

And these are just the start, because our family of survey software also includes Nfield CATI and Nfield CAPI, so you can offer the very best service through every survey channel.

Ready to increase your repertoire by offering employee satisfaction surveys?

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