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Keeping your Nfield domain clean for compliance, security and efficient working

9 March 2023

Keeping your Nfield domain clean, as in removing all outdated surveys and corresponding data, is essential for maintaining compliancy with data regulations. But that’s not the only reason to stay on top of things. Limiting what you store to what’s absolutely necessary is also better for both data security and efficient working. Here’s why.

1. Regulatory compliance

Standards such as GDPR mean all kinds of businesses around the world need to ensure some form of data compliance. As these regulations typically include restrictions on how long you’re allowed to hold on to third-party data, having a regular clear-out is essential. This is especially the case for market research companies, whose business is all about third-party data!

2. Minimizing exposure to security breaches

The more data you have stored in your system, the more there is to steal. Which means any security breaches will have a bigger and further-reaching impact. Given the large amount of sensitive personal data that’s typically associated with market research, surveys are a highly prized target, as explained in our recent article about the value of Nfield logins on the Dark Web.

It therefore makes sense for your survey respondents and your business reputation to delete surveys, and all their corresponding data, as soon as you’re finished with them.

Good to know: Nfield upholds the highest security standards, adhering to the protocol established in ISO 27001:2013. Read more about Nfield security. However, users still need to take responsibility for protecting passwords, deploying 2-factor authentication and ensuring there are no unprotected “back doors” into their systems.

3. Improved internal collaboration

The less clutter there is within your system, the less likely it is that any of your team members will refer to the wrong information. Clearing out outdated surveys helps keep everybody on the same page, making it easier to work together on updating surveys and making decisions. A practice which can result in better teamwork, improved efficiency, and better outcomes for your business.

4. Compliance with Acceptable Use Policy and avoiding additional charges

Nfield’s acceptable use policy includes domain limits on storage and the number of active surveys for each license level. Keeping your survey system clean can help you avoid exceeding your limits and incurring additional charges.

Introducing an easy solution: automatic clean-up

As solid as the reasons for keeping your system clean are, actually doing it can be a cumbersome task, especially when dealing with outdated or expired surveys. This is why Nfield introduced a new automatic survey clean-up feature which deletes inactive surveys that have reached their expiration date.

Further details about Nfield’s automatic clean-up feature can be found in our Nfield update published recently. Or see the NIPO Academy #39 session recording on this topic.

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