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Customized survey-level data retention policy: streamline compliance and optimize storage via automatic clean-up

5 June 2024

NIPO is pleased to announce the introduction of its survey-level data retention policy feature. Designed to simplify the management of long-running trackers, or waves, this feature can be set to automatically clean out Online survey data after a specified number of days.

These settings are in the Nfield Manager under the Setup survey/Retention tab. They can be configured separately for each survey, so storage practices can be tailored to specific project needs.

Benefits of implementing a survey-level data retention policy

Setting and adhering to data retention periods aids compliance and data governance, while also simplifying long-running trackers and mitigating risks associated with prolonged data storage and privacy breaches.

Which data is automatically removed?

Based on the selected retention period, the following data will be removed automatically:

Important notes

  1. The default setting is NEVER. Nfield users are always in control. Data will never be automatically removed unless a specific retention period has been set.
  2. Once data has been removed, it is permanently deleted along with its associated artifacts (scripts, data, quotas, media files, etc.), and cannot be restored.
  3. This feature is currently only available for Nfield Online surveys.

Elevate your research game with Nfield

Survey-level data retention policy is just one of the many tools Nfield equips you with to take your market research to the next level. Say hello to streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and control over your data retention policies.

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Get a first impression, scheduled soon.

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